Sorry, I Fall Into You..

When I first looked at U, I never imagined that this kind of feelings will came out. All I knew is, we`re just friend. But then, I realized that, something had changed.

I like U, the way U behave, the way U talk, the way U think.. Everything about U seems to be so perfect.

I never express my feelings 4 U, because I am so afraid of being turn down.

I learn about U, what U like, what U dont. I try to be the best girl in front of Ur eyes.

But, U dont even see me.

Maybe U already have someone in Ur life, or U just cant forget her? I`ll never know..

I’ll accept the fate that U will never be mine.

Sorry, I fall into you… 😦



5 thoughts on “Sorry, I Fall Into You..

  1. ramai orang akan kata; just tell him already, don’t wait, he might reject you but it’ll make u fell better etc etc.


    kalau benda yang kau tak expect happen? he accept u?

    how nice is that?


    the way he behave, the way he talk, the way he think – adakah akan kekal when u two together?

    kalau tak, can u accept it?

    but, you know, fuck it. fuck logic and all that shit.

    if u really loves him, show it (as long as you’re ready for it, mentally)

    • Salam..
      Tq sbb komen ye..
      Tp sy x selantang itu mungkin..
      Namun sy yakin pada ketentuan Allah
      Usaha+doa cara juga jalan terbaik
      Namun jika tak berhasil..
      Redha adalah jalan terakhir.
      Terima kasih sebab sudi baca dan beri nasihat.
      Saya hargai..
      Dan sy suka penulisan awk.. 🙂

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