Incharge in ‘dapor’

Ive been asked by a friend to replace her for a short while..
She has an important meeting to attend..

A worker here put a plate of honey dew in front of me..
Looks so yummy yet Im too curious to eat it…
Thinking that perhaps hes trying to bribe me for something..

I cant handle myself anymore..
Its just look so good until i couldnt even take my eyesight out of the plate!
So, slowly i take a few bites and.. Wow!! More juicy than i can ever imagine!

Without noticing that all the workers are staring and smiling at me, I keep on cleaning half of the plate..
And finally, its all gone..!! Ooppsss.. !

One of the worker take the empty plate while smiling at me..
And he say…
“well Mam, u seems a bit curious when i first put the plate on the table.. But finally, u manage to clear it.. I know what u have in mind when i serve u the fruits.. And fyi, i dont have any bad intention on you.. So dont be afraid ok.  Hehe..”
And he left..

1125 am..
I m still sitting and waiting for my friend to take over the job here…
And my cheek still blushing because of the incident before..
Where cud she be? ~sigh~

Moral: what you think in your mind can be seen through your face. So beware.. 🙂


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