Im addicted to Facebook, but….

I love Facebook.Its just like a medium for me to update my recent activity, telling my friends about what ever Im doing at a time, get to know about my friends life (Im a good stalker), gossiping about others, the best way to complain about friends or anybody who dont have a facebook account, advertise about my bussiness, organize an event and spread a news.. In short, it seems nearly impossible for people nowadays to live without Facebook.  

But theres one thing I hate about Facebook. Well, I dont like people expose a lot about themselves. Like.. they wanna show off! Im neither jealous nor even envy.. im just sick of reading their status.Especially where they talk about their boyfriend, love life and all that. I dont get it.. what is acctually they want to share?

Facebook is suppose be to a medium for dakwah, spread a good news like wedding and ect, ukhwah connectivity, giving advice,sharing a good thing and doing bussiness. I hope I can see a change in Facebook usage in the future. for others and for me too of course..:) 



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