Yes Boss or rebellious?

I talked to a friend about this matter yesterday. It’s like a new thing to me because frankly tell ya, this kind of issue never come across my mind since I start working.My friend is such a hot-headed person sometimes. He never agree for anything that is different from his own thoughts. He has a very strong character (I have to admit that).And he always turn to be a rebellious person in front of his boss which as far as I know, they never get along.I asked him once, “Why dontYou be nice to your boss, at least just for a one fine day?” and he just answered “Im not a brown nose!”

Okay, Im confuse with the situation now. Being nice to boss+No rebel=Brown nose? what the…?

Well, in my opinion, as a staff, (a new staff to be exact) , we shud obey  our leader as long as its right. We are mature enough to understand what is right and what is wrong. And every time my leader try to advice me, mad at me, say anything about my work, I prefer to take it as a learning process and I will never fight back unless I think its out logic.. Hehe. And the most important is, I work for Allah. Allah is my CEO. Those People (my leaders) is just my supervisor who teach me how to work on a right path. Thats all.

For me, a Yes-boss-person or a complete brown nose is a kind of person that talk to much and not doing anything . In Malay, they will label it as Makan-Gaji-Buta or Kaki-Kipas. They will see the boss more than 1 time a day, talking about this and that, just to show the bos that they are doing a lot of work but in fact they don’t!

So, its clear now, what kind of workers are you?

Youre not like this dont u? 🙂


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