Buying my first house…?

My Dream House – Image courtesy from

My probation period will be end soon. After this, I can buy my first house.Insyallah.. πŸ™‚ Just like other people, I, myself, have my own dream house. I prefer to build a kampung-style house with a small garden and an orchard if posibble. A house on a riverbank or by the beach/lake will be nice too .. πŸ™‚ Yet I cannot afford to build such a house.hehe.. (Dream on Hunny…)

I work in Pulau Pinang for nearly 3 years, and I rent a house in Padang Serai, Kedah. It cost me about RM 110 per month (my housemate pay another half). After 2 years, I start to feel that its just a waste for me to keep on paying the rent but I do not own the house. So I decide to buy my first house in this area so that I can get something valuable at the end of the day without wasting every cent of my money just like that. πŸ˜€

As a government servant, I can apply for the government housing loan which has a fix rate interest as low as 4% . I checked a few house in this area and the rate here is a bit higher than in some other places .But as there are some rumors i heard before about a construction of a hyper market and a highway exit by next year in Padang Serai, I guess I should think about it. Buying a property here will be profitable. Bear in mind, Padang Serai is situated in between of Pulau Pinang, Kulim, Kulim Hitech and Sg. Petani. In a few years, this small town will turn into a city if all the rumors I heard before become reality.

Lots of people who work in Pulau Pinang start to buy a house at this area because the house there is so expensive. About a year ago, I went to the developer`s office with my friend to ask about the price and they told me, it will cost me about RM79k for the medium-cost houses (middle lot) and about RM45k for the low-cost houses (middle lot). But I refused to buy because Im not ready at that time. But now, the medium-cost house price increase to RM 85k and RM53k for the low-cost house. Man, I can’t even imagine what it will turn to be by next year.

If I really wanna buy a house, I should check on some tips and here I share what I found on Google:-

1) Location – and what it will turn into after a few years (make some profit if you sell it back) and don’t forget to check is there any facilities nearby!

2) The house – the condition of the house(especially when you buy a second-hand house), how big is it and the pattern of the house.

3) Price – make sure its affordable (remember, you have to pay for the loan monthly) and reasonable.

4) Developer – go and check their record! You don’t want to end up by losing all money don’t you?. And for the second-hand house, beware of the one who sell it to you.

5) Loan – for the gov servant, its easy-lah. But for those who don’t, check out for the best rate the bank can give you. (I will check it soon and I will update in here, Insyallah)

Here are the web :ΒΒ andΒ

That`s all for now. Lurve.. πŸ˜€


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